• Room Service is a revolutionary corporate food delivery service that provides the finest meals in the industry delivered directly to your office.


  • Participating employees create a personal profile with allergens and favorites saved to their profiles.
  • Each meal consists of an entrée, side dish and dessert and is presented in beautiful, eco- friendly packaging.
  • Orders can be placed up to a month in advance and changed or cancelled up to 24 hours prior to delivery.
  • Menus change monthly, with 25 or more entrée selections a month. The top 8 most ordered menu items from the preceding month are carried to the next month.
  • Orders arrive daily at a regular time, hot and delicious.
  • Earth loving boxes and accoutrement are fully recyclable and compostable and picked up by our drivers on the next day ensuring they are properly processed for recycling, creating an ongoing life cycle for the packaging.
  • Meals can be fully or partially subsidized by the employer and will be invoiced on a monthly basis.


  • Few perks will show your appreciation to your employees by providing restaurant quality meals delivered hot and delicious.
  • Improve office culture and increase productivity by creating community through a shared meal.
  • Chef curated menus enticing enough to get your employees back to the office.
  • One step accounting with our user-friendly monthly reporting and billing.

Room Service orders must be placed 24 hours prior to delivery and up to a month in advance.

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